About Us


Our mission is to love and serve the underserved people in the inner-city of the Woodlawn neighborhood by providing Gospel outreach and discipleship opportunities to help raise leaders for the community.


We envision Individuals, ministries, and churches coming together to build the body of Christ in the Woodlawn neighborhood by loving and meeting spiritual and physical needs.


Gospel First

Love, grace, and prayer lived out in every human interaction.


Every human being is valuable and precious in God's sight.


Understand the culture in order to build relationships.



In 2009, Keith Crowe was drawn to the inner-city and began volunteering with a local ministry. During this time, his heart was opened to a multitude of challenges and barriers faced by people struggling with homelessness, addictions, and other circumstances that have caused them to lose all hope. Prayerfully seeking God's will in 2013 he established Hope Street. Not long after starting Hope Street, he and his wife moved to the Woodlawn neighborhood.

Born out of the belief that hope in Christ is for everyone, the ministry seeks to teach everyone that Jesus will meet you exactly where you are at this moment in time and experience the love of the Father. Keith is the heart of Hope Street and everyone knows that if you encounter him with a need, he will do what he can to assist you but more importantly he will talk to you about Jesus and pray for you.

The ministry is sustained through the generosity of individuals and ministry partners.